Bombshell 201x: God Did a 2012 Hit-And-Run on Me!!

Bombshell 201x: God Did a 2012 Hit-And-Run on Me!!

Author: Richard P Crandall

Format: Paperback

Pages: 144

ISBN: 9781466902114

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Release Date: May 31, 2013

Description du Livre

This is my second book. My first book, They All Told the Truth, describes how I developed an advanced physics theory of matter and energy that unifies all the other mainstream physics theories. It is truly and correctly the long-sought-after grand unified field theory. It was calculated mathematically using legitimate and accepted physics methods. Years later, I was bored one day and just happened to pick up a tattered Christian Bible and was browsing through the Book of Revelation. I was so shocked at what I saw that I fell out of my chair! I saw that the essential physical numbers from my new physics theory were all in there and were repeated over and over and over. Like a message. There was exact correspondence as there were no numbers missing, nor were there extra numbers that didn't belong (with one exception, which was the number 666)! I had stumbled upon the greatest discovery in modern history. The implications are enormous as they prove scientifically (physics) that God and Jesus are real because their signatures are in there! No one else during those times that the various Bible books were written could have possibly known to put those specific numbers in there. Religion and science will now be unified from this time forward, starting from here.

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