Wild Was The Way - An Irish Orphan Memoir

Wild Was The Way - An Irish Orphan Memoir

Author: Sheila Argabright

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 284

Language: English

Description du Livre

This is the poignant and gripping true story of an Irish orphan. It begins in an old Irish tenement that was full of the sighs and whisperings of ghosts, and ends in the spiritual and unending revelation of life’s most precious gift.
Upon the death of her mother, Sheila is sent to a medieval style orphanage whose nuns consider the orphans their punishment from God. After eight years of non-stop praying, scrubbing and cleaning, she is turned out into a frightening world with only her temper to buoy up her empty heart. The nuns smiled their good-byes, no doubt feeling they released a benign and pious creature into the world at large, but hers was a warring, rebellious heart.
Eventually escaping to England, she begins training as a nurse. Immediately plunged into a ward of half-naked men, not something her pious and sheltered training has prepared her for, she is aghast at what is required of her. Nightly she endures the London nights and screaming flights of the German bombers, dodging their regular onslaught.
After winding her way along a stormy path that was as perverse and crooked as an Irish country road, she escapes to America as a stowaway on the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth. In New York she makes a friend, finds a fortune and looses both, but moving on, she travels to the land of sunshine, California.
Loving the United States despite setbacks, she is always careful to conceal her illegal status. Though caught in an illegal search once in San Diego, her blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfect American accent saves her.
When she marries a Marine and becomes pregnant, dragons of terror and anxiety drive her almost to death. Instinctively she knows it has something to do with what happened in that tenement long ago. She fights against running from the fear and into oblivion. Like the dragons of her Dublin childhood, they again rear their menacing head, this time hungering for her very life and happiness.
Still an alien and subject to banishment, another Pandora’s box sprang open like an old grave she thought sealed forever, but then came a very extraordinary ending.

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