Healthy Gut Happy Body: Gut Healing Through Optimizing Digestion and Nutrition (Probiotics, Digestive Health, Brain Health and Diet)

Healthy Gut Happy Body: Gut Healing Through Optimizing Digestion and Nutrition (Probiotics, Digestive Health, Brain Health and Diet)

Author: Tracy Hartman

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 44

Language: English

Publisher: Tracy Hartman

Release Date: July 06, 2015

Description du Livre

Take Back Your Gut and Take Back Your Health!
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Independent researcher and author Tracy Hartman reveals cutting edge science on digestive health and the gut microbiome. You will read about optimizing digestion and nutrition through diet and will learn to avoid foods that sabotage the gut. Inside you will find advice on everything from supplements to sleep tips. Whether your goal is to lose weight, heal digestive ailments, achieve a more balanced mental state, or simply feel and look better- this book can bring your goals to fruition.

The health of the gut is intimately linked to the health of every other organ in the body including the liver, the brain, and the skin. The gut has a hand in every bodily affair no matter how major or minor. It is the vital factor regulating our mood, energy, metabolism, and of course our digestive health.

The gut constitutes around 70% of our body’s immune system defenses. When functioning properly; it exterminates harmful pathogens and houses healthy bacterial probiotics. Gut malfunctions are responsible for common digestive disorders like GERD, IBS, Heartburn, Gastritis, and Crohn’s Disease.

Our gut microbiome effects our mental health to the degree that many would consider it a “second brain.” Numerous bacterial probiotics in the gut release neurotransmitters just as the neurons in our brains do. The brain gut connection links the gut to many psychological disorders such as autism, schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety.

Studies have shown major links between digestion and nutrition to skin quality. Acne is 10 times more common in those with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) than in healthy individuals. A dramatic increase in skin quality is seen following treatment of SIBO.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Foods That Damage the Gut
Foods That Heal and Protect the Gut
Supplements for Restoring Gut Health
Lifestyle Tips for Restoring Gut Health
How the Gut Effects the Brain, Liver, and Skin
How Poor Nutrition and Stress Damages the Gut
How Changes in the Gut Alter Metabolism and How to Leverage This for Weight Loss
Bonus Recipes
Much, much more!

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