The Master Bladesmith: Advanced Studies In Steel

The Master Bladesmith: Advanced Studies In Steel

Author: Jim Hrisoulas

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 87

Description du Livre

This study of steel reveals forging secrets that for centuries have been protected by guilds. Never-before-seen instructions, diagrams and photos explain the tricks behind using differential heat treating, and other techniques to make kukris, wavy blades, that bear the master's mark.
Jim Hrisoulas is a master bladesmith with more than twenty years' forging experience. He specializes in medieval broadswords and daggers and Damascus pattern wilding. The phenomenal success of and feedback from his first book, The Complete Bladesmith, convincet him that an advanced study on steel was needed by experiencet bladesmiths anxious to perfect their forging skills and knowlenge. This book is for them.
The Master Bladesmith: Forging Your Way to Perfection.
Forging Damascus: How to Create Pattern-Welded Blades.
The Pattern-Welded Blades: Aristry in Iron
and More
1. Setting Up the Workshop
1.1 Space
1.2 Ventilation
1.3 Lighting
1.4 Tooling
1.5 Coal Forge
1.6 Gas Forge
1.6.2 How to Build a Gas Forge
1.6.3 Repairing Refractories
1.6.4 Gas Forge Safety
1.6.5 Top and Bottom Tools
1.6.6 Tongs
1.6.7 Hot Chisels
1.6.8 Gold Chisels
1.6.9 Hammers
1.6.10 Anvils
1.6.11 Belt Grinder
1.6.12 Con-Loc Wheels
1.6.13 Bandsaw
1.6.14 Making and Abrasive Cut-Off Saw
1.6.15 Bench Shears
1.6.16 Power Hammer
2. Advanced Forging Technicues
2.1 Gas Forges
2.1.1 Venturi Gas Forges
2.1.2 Blower-Powered Gas Forges
2.1.3 Adjusting the Atmosphere inside a Forge
2.1.4 Forging Richer Alloys
2.1.5 Forging Air-Hardening Steels
2.1.6 Hot Box
2.1.7 Forging Stainless Steels
2.1.8 Forging Peculiarities of Stainless
2.1.9 Tooling
2.1.10 Temperature Ranges
2.1.11 Forging a Stainless Bland
2.1.12 Annealing Stainless
2.2 Forging High-Speed Steels
2.3 Advanced Techniques
2.3.1 Distal Taper
2.3.2 Fullering
2.3.3 Median Ribs
2.3.4 Forging Curved, Double-Edged Blades
2.3.5 Forging Clipped Points
2.3.6 Flame Blands
2.3.7 Bending Forks and Kopis Blandes
3. Heat Treating and Tempering
3.1 Basic Oil and Water-Hardening Technique
3.2 Tempering
3.3 Air-Hardening Steel Alloys
3.4 Heat-Treating Stainless Steels

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