Author: Lou Bradshaw

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 165

Description du Livre

Cain shakes off the chill of a long cold winter on the south face of Marble Mountain, with only Dog, Bud, and Coonskin Kelly for company. Coonskin has gone and the cupboard is bare, so it’s time for a trip to town for supplies. Cain isn’t one to do much talking. In fact, most folks are lucky to get a one word sentence out of him. But when there’s a tragedy and a helping hand is needed, he’s the first to reach out a big callused paw.
Just doing a simple act of kindness found him at the Agular Land Grant in Colorado, where the Front Range meets the Great Plains. The Agular Grant has been verified by the US Government, and it’s the home of thirty or so families. The problem facing them is coming from the state of Kansas, hundreds of miles to the east.
The Office of Land Management had opened parcels of land to be claimed in western Kansas. But there were some large cattle spreads right in the middle of the area to be claimed. These cattle barons had never bought a single acre of land… they were simply wealthy squatters. And they had to go. Most sold their cattle for what they could get in a tight market. A few drove their cattle west, looking for someplace to light. One powerful rancher had his eye on the Agular Grant, and he had a monster herd moving toward the families who lived there… and Shadrac Cain.

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