Corpse Curses

Corpse Curses

Author: Jen Ponce

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 242

Language: English

Description du Livre

Half-witch, half-magi, and all bloodthirsty.

Korri Marchand spends her nights stalking corrupt magi and chasing the high she gets from their deaths. She tells herself it's for her friend Poppy, but there's a part of her that likes what she does. Likes it a lot.

One night, she discovers the magi have been keeping a dark secret when she breaks one of their magical objects and releases a demon. Using demons to power spells is against the law--a law the magi wrote. Now she understands how the magi rose to power--and how dangerous they truly are.

Trapped for centuries, forced to serve cruel masters, Lux, Malphas, Abaddon, and Baphomet are ready to lay the magi world to waste but they don't have the power or numbers to take them on--at least not yet. The interesting little mortal who freed them wants to help, and she may just be the key to saving the rest of their kind.

That she's fearless, adventurous, and wild in bed just sweetens the deal. 

**Dark reverse harem

**Creative boning

**Some M/M in addition to all the F/M/M/M

**Don't venture within if you're squeemish 

Blanchefle Morneau
Enfin, je reçois cet ebook, merci pour tous ces miracles de Noël que je peux obtenir maintenant!
Alphonse Ratté
Je tiens à vous remercier personnellement pour vos livres exceptionnels. C’est vraiment merveilleux.
Gradasso Martel
Leur Miracle de Noel était le meilleur livre que j’ai jamais acheter. Leur Miracle de Noel a fait exactement ce que tu as dit qu’il faisait.
Andrée Bédard
Je vous recommanderai à mes collègues. Leur miracle de Noël est les livres les plus précieux que nous ayons jamais achetés. Je serais perdu sans ça. Je suis complète ment époustouflé.
Émilie Aucoin
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