Fearless Brides For Unsuspected Ranchers Box Set

Fearless Brides For Unsuspected Ranchers Box Set

Author: Evelyn Boyett

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 1560

Language: English

Description du Livre

Three of my best-selling Western Historical Romance stories in a single Collection!

If you like fast-paced clean romance and action-packed stories, read on!

#1 Legacy Of The Heart

At the age of fifteen, Abby Carlisle was sent away from her beloved Montana ranch by her father to a finishing school in the east so that she could learn how to be a proper lady, and she never returned.

Now, ten years later, she receives word that her father has died, and she reluctantly returns home for his funeral. Soon after she arrives, Abby discovers that she is now the owner of her father’s large ranch, and she needs to make a decision whether she wants to keep the legacy that is now hers.

When the sabotage becomes personal to someone she loves, Abby needs to make a decision that will affect not only her future but those around her. Can Abby and Mac learn how to work together to make the ranch successful while learning how to trust each other and allow love in their hearts?

#2 War And Romance In Squaw Valley

Big changes are coming to Squaw Valley, Nevada. Luke Kesler runs a successful horse ranch there and whether he and his neighbors like it or not, the government has approved for the railroad to cut through their land on its way to California.

Plans to stop the caravan of railroad workers before the work can be started. The engineer of the plans, Jake Crowley arrives before anyone else, invited to stay with William Granger and his niece, Helen.

When Luke realizes Jake will be staying with the lovely Helen, his good friend since childhood and the secret love of his heart, he realizes the railroad isn’t the only thing that is about to change in his life.

If he doesn’t tell Helen how he feels soon, he could lose her to the myriad of men about to parade into town.

#3 Love And Intrigue In Red Creek

When Macie Walker’s beloved father is murdered in the sleepy town of Red Creek, New Mexico, her world is shattered. As she and her poor, suffering mother struggle to keep their cattle ranch afloat, she finds both her resolve and her faith in God sorely tested.

Jess Ryder still carries the death of his parents with him like a ghost, following him closely no matter how far he roams or how many wrongs he tries to right. The more evil he sees in the world, the more estranged he becomes with the world around him and with God above. Pretty soon, he won’t believe in anything at all, least of all the sheriff's badge he’s long ago tossed aside.

When Jess receives a pleading letter from a small village’s minister, however, his sense of duty is piqued and he dons the badge for one more ride. What he finds in Red Creek is far more complicated than he would ever have expected, and not only because something about the town’s murders doesn’t sit right.

Macie Walker is stubborn. She doesn’t know when to say when and she certainly doesn’t mind his instructions. The problem is, she might also be exactly what Jess needs if they can manage to solve the Red Creek murders and come out on the other side.

Each book features a standalone, clean western historical romance. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

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