It's Getting Hot in Here

It's Getting Hot in Here

Author: J.D. Light

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 102

Description du Livre

What do you do with an alpha who seems to have made it his life's mission to irritate the hell out of you? You snap and do something that could get you arrested in some areas, applauded in others, and just might change your life completely.

Working as a bar tender/manager at Slick, the strip club owned by Wagoner Foster, is a pretty good gig. If I want to spend time with my two little boys as much as I can during their waking hours, I have to work at night, and the wages and tips are amazing for a single father. There is only one problem. One gorgeous, cocky, annoying problem... Wagoner Foster. I knew from the day I showed up for my interview that the man preyed on young omegas who hadn't been in the world long enough to have been warned about someone like him. Thankfully, being in my early thirties, I'm not only older than Wagoner and not at all his type, but I'm also smart enough to know better. Of course, that doesn't stop my body from reacting every time he's in a room, or the rush of excitement that moves through me when we argue. And then something happens that makes me question just about every thing I believed about him. What am I supposed to do now?

Owning a strip club definitely gets you a reputation. It doesn't matter if you have strict policies about not fraternizing with the people who work for you or not. All people see is an alpha who spends over forty hours a week around half naked omegas all day. I know it means I might never find the omega for me, since the stigma that comes with my business can be hard to swallow, and most omegas don't want their husbands around it at all. For the most part, I'm okay with being alone for the rest of my life... until I meet Jennings. He so feisty and stunning and won't let me get away with anything. He makes me want things I shouldn't. The things my Da wants for me. But he works for me. Nothing good could come from dating an employee... Right?

It's Getting Hot in Here is book three in the Salacious Summer Singe novella series, which is a continuation of the Sprung Like Spring series. These books can be read as stand-alones but getting to know the overlapping characters will make it worth reading in order. There will be fluff, humor, a bit of farce and probably some pining, so sit back, relax and take a break from the horrors of reality!

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